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Rating Academy was established in 2016 and continues its activities in Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University Technopark. Rating Academy, which has carried out many academic projects and activities to date, also performs various software programs and indexing works as an R&D company. At the same time, the company, which has the status of being a national publishing house with the name of Rating Academy Press, has 6 international refereed academic journals that are currently indexed to different scientific fields. These journals are taken place in reputable national and international indexes. Many international congresses and exhibitions are organized by the Ratıng Academy in different parts of the world. With its professional team and strong technical equipment, it can also make all these organizations online according to changing needs. Researchers, writers, scientists, artists… many participants from different parts of the world meet at Rating Academy projects and events. We will be glad to see you among us.

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Dear Researchers,

International Global Climate Change Congress will be held between 3-5 June, 2021. The theme of the confegress of this year constitutes the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Vienna Convention, Montreal Protocol, Kyoto Protocol and the Aims of the Paris Climate Agreement. In the congress, all talks and presentations will be held online and it will also be broadcast live on YouTube. The confegress is open to all field of studies related to Global Climate Change. Multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary studies will be included in this conference. We invite all academicians, researchers, educators, non-governmental organizations and students interested in the theme of the congress. The language of the congress is Turkish and English. Papers will be reviewed through a double-blind peer review system by at least two members of the Scientific Committee and other independent referees (if needed) in the light of the publication criteria and standards of congress. Full text papers will be published in the congress book. In addition, the selected papers can be published in the editorial book of congress and in internationally reputed indexed congress journals after the evaluation of reviewers. On behalf of our organizing committee, it gives us an immense pleasure and honor to invite you to our congress.

Best wishes  

Prof. Dr. Murat YILDIRIM


Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University
Dean of Agriculture Faculty

Prof.Dr. Sibel TAN


Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University
Dean of Çanakkale Faculty of Applied Sciences

Prof.Dr. Mehmet ŞAHİN


Rating Academy
Founder & CEO


Deadline for Submission of Abstracts: 24/05/2021

Announcement of the Accepted Papers: 26/05/2021

Deadline for Registration: 24/05/2021

Announcement of the conference program: 27/05/2021

Beginning of the Congress: 03/06/2021

Deadline for Full Text Papers Submission: 30/06/2021


“Our congress will be held online as the process regarding the Covid-19 pandemic is uncertain and it is predicted to not end soon. Through the Zoom program, our congress will be easily participated and the process will be managed by a professional team. For anyone who wants to participate and listen, the congress will be just a click away. ”


1- Agriculture & Food
2- Natural resources
3- Biodiversity & Wild Life 4- Energy management
5- Water management
6- Population and humanity resources
7- Social economical effects

8- Tourism
9- Health effects of climate change
10- Cultural heritage
11- Invasive alien species
12- International relations
13- Other topics related with the climate change


The participation fee for all authors who present a paper to the conference is 30 Euro . Those who pay this participation fee can choose one of the publication opportunities they wish. The same fee applies to authors who will only publish abstracts.

Bir yazar en fazla 2 bildiri ile kongreye katılabilir. Sunduğu 2. bildiriden ekstra bir ücret talep edilmez.

The conference fee for students who will present a paper within the scope of young researchers sessions is 20 Euro .


Abstract / Full Text Publication in Proceedings Book

The papers presented at the conference will be published as an e-book with ISBN. Authors can have their abstracts or full texts published in the conference full text book.
Publication Fee: The publication fee for the conference abstracts and full texts books is included in the conference participation fee, and no additional fee is charged.

Deadline for submitting full texts: 30 June 2021

Chapter in an Editorial Book

The papers presented at the conference will be published in an editorial book according to their fields. Authors will be able to publish their papers as an article section in an editorial book with ISBN and banded appropriate for their field. Editorial books will be published electronically. The works sent to these books will be subject to the review of the relevant boards and proof-reading may be requested for English studies if necessary.
Publication Fee: ditorial book chapter publication fee is inclueded in the participation fee for the conference, and so no additional fee is charged.

Deadline for submitting chapter(s) to editorial book: 30 June 2021 30 Haziran 2021

Publication in Indexed Journals

Participants will be able to publish their papers in international refereed and indexed Academic journals, provided that they pass the journal boards

Publication Fee; Journal publication fee is inclueded in the participation fee for the conference, and so no additional fee is charged. 

Deadline for submitting articles to the journal: 30 June 2021




"It has been two and a half thousand years since the discussion of the correct way of naming things in Plato's Kratylos. At that time, humanity, who planted according to the flow of the seasons, established civilizations on the water's edge, transformed its relationship with nature into mythology and art, respected nature but accustomed to its fragility against nature, today in a different place.

In 1975, W. S. Broecker chose the name Global Warming to summarize the possible process of purification of carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere. However, since it was first introduced, we have understood that this process is much more complicated than the average warming of the weather by a few degrees, or that we now call summer winter and spring autumn. This phenomenon, which we now call Global Climate Change, is a phenomenon in which local water resources are lost, on the contrary, floods and drought are widespread, agriculture and animal husbandry, which we depend on as a source of nutrition and livelihood, are damaged by sudden weather changes, and nations that have difficulty in coping with these damages are forced to make large international migrations. sums up the world.

Although it is frequently stated by expert scientists that what humanity will do cannot prevent this process, it would not be unreasonable to say that acting with the wisdom and determination to minimize harm is a duty for humanity's own good. In this context, the use of art as a task tool together with science, technology, philosophy and politics will add value to increase the awareness of generations to the subject. As a contribution to the activities organized for this purpose, we await your valuable contributions to the exhibition event of our congress held on the same theme.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Oğuz TUNÇ

1. Each artist can apply with a maximum of two works.
2. Applications will be evaluated by the exhibition curator and the works to participate in the exhibition will be announced on the website and sent to the artist's e-mails.
3. Applications will be made through the exhibition application page on the congress website.
4. The deadline for submitting a work is 25 May 2021 .
4. "Submit Work": https://academicplatform.net/igccc/ Images of the work will be sent via the login / signin link.
5. The image of the work must be in JPEG format at 300 dpi resolution.
6. Videos must be in avi format and the duration of the videos should not exceed 10 minutes. Video works https://academicplatform.net/igccc/login/signin link to the upload area shown on the website (The link of the youtube, dailymotion etc. web address where the work was uploaded) will be given and sent. The video should contain a credential consisting of the name, duration and date of the artist and work.
7. It is kindly requested to fill in the CV and work information part carefully in the application forms.
8. Participation in the exhibition is free.
9. Images of the works in the exhibition will be used on the congress website and in promotions in the media.
10. A virtual Certificate of Participation will be given to each artist participating in the exhibition.
11. Artists who apply to the exhibition are deemed to have accepted the above conditions.


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