"It has been two and a half thousand years since the discussion of the correct way of naming things in Plato's Kratylos. At that time, humanity, who planted according to the flow of the seasons, established civilizations on the water's edge, transformed its relationship with nature into mythology and art, respected nature but accustomed to its fragility against nature, today in a different place.

In 1975, W. S. Broecker chose the name Global Warming to summarize the possible process of purification of carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere. However, since it was first introduced, we have understood that this process is much more complicated than the average warming of the weather by a few degrees, or that we now call summer winter and spring autumn. This phenomenon, which we now call Global Climate Change, is a phenomenon in which local water resources are lost, on the contrary, floods and drought are widespread, agriculture and animal husbandry, which we depend on as a source of nutrition and livelihood, are damaged by sudden weather changes, and nations that have difficulty in coping with these damages are forced to make large international migrations. sums up the world.

Although it is frequently stated by expert scientists that what humanity will do cannot prevent this process, it would not be unreasonable to say that acting with the wisdom and determination to minimize harm is a duty for humanity's own good. In this context, the use of art as a task tool together with science, technology, philosophy and politics will add value to increase the awareness of generations to the subject. As a contribution to the activities organized for this purpose, we await your valuable contributions to the exhibition event of our congress held on the same theme.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Oğuz TUNÇ

1. Each artist can apply with a maximum of two works.
2. Applications will be evaluated by the exhibition curator and the works that will participate in the exhibition will be announced on the website and sent to the artists’ emails.
3. Applications will be made from the exhibition application page on the conference website.
4. The deadline for submitting works is 5 May 2021.
5. “Submit a Work“: The visuals will be sent via the link
6. The image of the work should be in JPEG format with a resolution of 300 dpi.
7. The videos should be in avi format and the duration of the videos should not exceed 10 minutes. Video works will be sent by giving a link (link to youtube, dailymotion etc .. web address where the work is uploaded) shown on the website There should be a generic which must consist the name of the artist and work and also consist the work’s duration
8. Please fill in the CV and work information section carefully in the application forms.
9. Participation in the exhibition is free.
10. The visuals of the works in the exhibition will be used on the congress website and in the promotions in the media.
11. Virtual Participation Certificate will be given to every artist participating in the exhibition.
12. The artists applying to the exhibition are deemed to have accepted the above conditions.